An alternate title for this post could be: How to Get Over an Expensive and/or Time-consuming Eyebrow Pencil/Powder/Product Routine.

Revitabrow is made by the same people who make RevitaLash, which we would never try because the serum goes too close to the eyes for comfort. We're not into taking risks with our eyes. But eyebrows are far enough away to not worry so much about messing with your vision (at least this was the thought behind our decision to try it). 

This stuff seriously works. One tube lasts a good, long time and delivers noticeable results. So noticeable that one of us has completely given up her Tom Ford Brow Sculptor habit (those things add up if you use them every day). Not that we don't like the rituals of grooming -- we really do, and the TF Brow Sculptor is wonderful, really -- but the less time and products required for you to feel ready to face the world, the better.