Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher's new store, at 103 5th Avenue, is a dream. All of the details -- the dark floors, exposed brick, amazing light fixtures -- create the perfect environment for trying on her jewelry. Both her fine jewelry and her brass lines are on display, and every piece is tempting. When we met the lady behind the vision, it all made sense. Jennifer Fisher is chic, with an edge, and endlessly admirable. 

What was the inspiration for the design of the store? It feels so good and we’d love to know how it came about.

We were searching and searching and we almost ended up in the Meatpacking District because I thought that’s where we belonged, but then this place sort of popped up and we were able to get a flag on Fifth Avenue, which for any designer is kind of a huge dream. So we pounced on this space and it was a lot of work. We completely gutted the space. One of my best friends is an interior decorator -- her name is Michelle Gerson -- and she helped bring my dream alive. I wanted a minimal color palette but I also wanted it to feel rich, so we used gray tones and blacks and browns. Originally we wanted more of a brass-gold finishing, but to withstand the test of time, we decided to go more with black and metal. So it sort of relates to any metal we work with. You’ll notice around, all the black and metal touches. Sometimes there’s silver, sometimes there’s gold touches, so it ties in everything that we do.

Where do you find inspiration for your new collections? 

Well I’ve always designed for myself and just hoped that other people want to wear the jewelry. Now I’m looking at what’s going on with fashion. There’s so much going on right now with colors, prints and textures. So this season for the diffusion line, we kept it super clean because -- I always say this -- I want the jewelry to be pieces that people wear every day and that can work with any outfit. And with color and texture, you want your accessories to feel minimal but there. So we did a lot of flat lines, a lot of play with texture but nothing that was too much of a theme. We continued on with the knot theme we started a while ago and now we’re doing a tied knot. We wanted to play more with wrinkled textures. I was seeing that in textiles and I wanted to translate that into accessories.

What is something that people really don’t think about as far as jewelry design goes?

I think for most people, when they look at jewelry, they think of it as an afterthought. You know, it’s always what you’re wearing first, then the jewelry.  For me, I always think about the jewelry first and work my clothing around that. I think with accessory design, people always try to embellish things, and I like the idea of just creating something that feels clean. Sometimes the pieces are larger but I don’t really use large colored stones and don’t really use color so much. I think it’s better to keep it kind of simple. I think sometimes with accessories, people overthink little things and it turns into something big, and I don’t like that.

What are your favorite beauty products, and the extra steps (if any) that make you feel especially polished?

Recently, I’ve discovered the art of concealer. I’ve never really used it before. RMS living luminizer is now something I can’t live without. I take it everywhere -- it gives you this glow. I just ordered another one to keep at the office. It’s just this little pot, but it’s everything. Cle de Peau -- the ochre concealer is amazing. And Marc Jacobs makes the most amazing concealer brush ever. I’m obsessed with it. I actually just put concealer on because I like the way the brush feels. Charlotte Tilbury makes this brightener, it’s almost like a luminizing bronzer. I want to go to Paris and stop at Heathrow just so I can get it. You can’t get it here yet! And I love Chantecaille. I use Chantecaille foundation, Chantecaille tinted moisturizer. So anything that’s a foundation, base, or powder, I use Chantecaille. It’s the best, I think. Oh, and the lip oil. Hourglass lip oil. It’s amazing. 

What are your wardrobe staples? Your treasured pieces?

My Celine slip-on sneakers in navy pony. No matter what I’m wearing, I’m sort of with them. It was the grey and black snakeskin before and now I’ve moved on for fall to navy pony. And I have every single color in the Celine little zip clutches. It’s not the most expensive one but it’s a great clutch, just the one that has the zip-top. I have the burgundy, the olive green, the navy blue, the black. Those are the best.  FRAME Denim Le Garcon jeans, I have every color - those are the only jeans I wear. And I’ve been obsessed lately with Acne sweaters, and Acne in general. There’s this puffer coat that I want to get. It’s like the best puffer coat I’ve ever seen and it’s long. It comes in olive, navy, and black and I can’t decide what color to get! And soon, my new dog Tito. A Brussels Griffon. Right when I get back from Paris, I get to pick him up. So he’ll be my new staple.

What are the extra fancy things you splurge on?

Facials with Joanna Vargas. Facial injections with Pat Wexler (laughs). I mean listen, I’m not young, for me, this kind of stuff is important at my age. So skincare is really important. I had really bad acne as a kid, so my mom had me on facials like once a week. I’ve always taken skincare seriously. And now it’s anti-aging skincare, but Joanna Vargas is insane. I don’t think you need expensive crazy moisturizers and things. She has a line of organic skincare products and it’s amazing. Saint Laurent shoes -- to me the one with the buckle ankle, they are the best cut shoe for me. I’ve had four foot surgeries and I can wear them all the time. And always, one really good handbag for the season.

What are some special pieces/objects in your home?

I collect photography. I’ve collected photography ever since I was younger. (points to wall) That was the first piece I ever purchased, a Steven Klein. I got it like 20 years ago. My friends were all buying expensive handbags and I was buying photography. That was one thing that I think was a smart business decision when I was younger. Now I’m obsessed with Cass Bird who is now a friend. Bowls, I collect bowls! Random, weird bowls. I’m always making salads and serving food. They can be from anywhere. I got this great one from Anthropologie. It’s beautiful and blue, looks like amazing pottery and it was like $20. And it’s a random thing, but I collect napkins, like cloth napkins. When I find a good printed, napkin, forget it. I’m such a dork.

What's your favorite way to entertain?

Just having family and friends over, and keeping it casual. I like having everyone in the kitchen, just cooking and chopping and talking. I cut my hands a lot because I’m always talking to someone when I’m chopping. The people at urgent care know me really well. They’re like “you need your own hashtag” because I’m always instagramming when they’re cauterizing my finger or something. Now I’m planning Thanksgiving and my parents are coming into town and a bunch of friends are coming over, so I’m trying to figure out if I want to theme it, what napkins and bowls I’m going to use. The all-important questions. 

Favorite travel destination, and some noteworthy places there.

I’ve never been to Morocco and that’s a place I really really want to go to. We go to Mexico a lot. My husband and I are both from the West Coast so we gravitate toward Mexico with the kids when we want to go and relax, so we’re probably going for the winter holiday. Plus, we love Mexican food. We’re also talking about doing Costa Rica. But really, anything that’s warm for us. For me, when I’m traveling without the kids, it’s obviously anything that’s more metropolitan. You know, like Paris, Madrid, or somewhere I can roam and be free and shop around.

What do you never travel without -- the objects, products, and rituals that make your travel experiences more enjoyable.

I have a talisman that goes in my purse every day, it goes everywhere with me. It was my grandmother’s. Originally she would just go with me when I traveled with my kids but when I went through the Vogue CFDA fashion fund, I started sticking her in my bag at night, because when I did one night, something really good happened. So I was like "ok you’re coming with me." At night I take her out and put her in my clutch. So she goes everywhere with me. A picture of my kids, obviously. I have a Smythson travel wallet, that’s red and so not me, but I’ve had it for a million years and it’s the best travel accessory in the world. I keep all of our passports, tickets, any tear sheets, and it keeps me completely organized. It’s the best thing. I mean I’m a mom, so I always have snacks and food. It’s like “how much crap can you fit in your bag?” That’s me.

We love the candle and nail polish collaborations you do. How did those come about? 

Really these come up through friends. We’ll say “oh that would be cool, let’s do that.” I feel like that’s how they should work. It’s all super natural. RGB happened through Instagram. I reached out and said “hey I love your nail polish,” and she said “hey I love your jewelry,” and that’s literally how it happened, and she’s been great to work with. We just did a new color for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer called TITS -- it stands for Testing Is The Solution. It’s a hot pink that’s kind of crazy, like a fuchsia. We tried to match the Dior coat Rhianna wore last season when she was in Paris. We’re coming out with two colors for weddings. We’re doing a red and a nude, and it’s going to be a two-pack. The candles were something I always wanted because I’m sensitive to scent. I wanted to do a scent that felt musky with a little bit of vanilla and santal. So when the opportunity came to do the candles, I jumped on it because I think the candles are so beautiful, just the way they’re done. They’re all done by hand. A friend of mine knew Jo Strettell and that’s how that happened. 

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Being in this business, I think in particular, you need to realize that you have your real friends and you have friends that aren’t necessarily your friends. I think you have to be very careful. Don’t take anyone too close too quickly. You have to take your time and not be so trusting, because I was very naive when I started in this business. It’s not to say people are bad, but I just think you have to be careful. 

If you weren't doing this, what do you think you would be doing? 

I would be a plastic surgeon. I should have gone to medical school. Either that, or I would own a restaurant or I would have a cool store that sells bowls and napkins... and talismans, and beauty products. Wouldn't that be cool?