Carry On

We take packing very seriously. We believe in being prepared for anything, without having to carry any unnecessary items. Packing smartly doesn't only apply to clothes and shoes, the items in your carry-on bag should be just as carefully considered.

Packing beauty products for a flight is a whole other story, today we're focused on the non-beauty items that make a flight more bearable.

In-flight essentials: 

A scarf: Preferably made of cashmere, and large enough to double as a blanket.

Snacks: Almonds and dark chocolate are easy. 

Electronics: An iPad and a charger. Headphones, too. 

A smart travel wallet: It should fit a passport, a small notebook, and a pen. 

A good book: Reading Amy Bloom's Lucky Us is a satisfying way to pass some time, and it doesn't take up too much room in a carry-on bag.