Worth Reading: Forager

It seems like everyone's into urban foraging these days. In New York, the idea conjures images of scouring Central Park for weeds or mushrooms (which is fine), but if you happen to be in Miami, you could be plucking avocados or mangos off trees (which sounds amazing).

Admittedly, we've never thought about Miami in terms of local vegetation but that's changed, thanks to a book called Forager: A Subjective Guide to Miami's Edible Plants

This book is good in every way -- it's handsome, informative, useful, and amusing. The authors feature forty-two edible plants, with beautiful photos and illustrations, and helpful and funny notes about seasonality, taste, and location. There are also photos of people foraging in ways you wouldn't think of, like snipping elderflowers from a car as if at a fast-food drive through. 

Forager has given us a new appreciation for Miami. Even if we can't get there to do some foraging of our own, we're still glad to have this book.