Wax Museum

Scented candles are in no way necessary but they're a fun indulgence, and a fail proof gift. There are few rooms that can't be improved by a well-designed object that emits a pleasant fragrance and a gentle, flickering glow. The way a scent can alter a mood, or remind someone of a place or time is enough to make a high-ticket candle worth the expense. So is the fact that everything and everyone looks better in candlelight. One thing to keep in mind: if you're going to indulge in candles, do it right and keep them out of your kitchen and away from food -- candle and food scents have no business mingling. 

With countless brands and scents to choose from, the experimenting is never-ending (in a good way). We're sharing some of our favorites, with a few accessories we're deeming necessary if you've got a fancy candle habit: long matches in handsome packaging, and a snuffer, to properly ignite and extinguish a flame.